10 Amazing Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

In a world where technology offers all kinds of distractions, we also know that, by using it correctly, we can squeeze part of its immense potential for help. It takes us out of trouble, resolves doubts; it makes our lives a little easier after all. I present to you our Investigated list of the 10 best applications for which it’s worth winning a little more time.

Credit; google.com

#1. Doodle

credit; en.blog.doodle.com

We never believed that to meet our friends we would need an application in between. But, how many plans, dinners or trips have remained in the air for not finding a date of coincidence? Doodle allows you to create an event, meeting or appointment in a very simple way through a mini survey to find out the availability of the participants.

These can sign up with their name and select the option that interests them the most. Believe us, the time to find the unanimously green day is priceless.

#2. iGyno

It is the most downloaded application out there, and our country is already at the top, fun fact as it’s a gynecology app created by Mirco Bettelini after his mother died of breast cancer. Convinced that the most important thing for these cases is prevention, iGyno does not include an explanatory video so that the users can perform a correct breast self-exploration.

The application also has a calendar that lets you know which days are fertile and when there are more chances of conceiving. It also performs analysis of the hormonal status in each phase of the menstrual cycle and warns you when you are about to drop the rule. With more than 40 functionalities, including advice on diet or wellness, it’s almost like having the doctor at home.

#3. Facetune

Let’s face it, who has not wanted to whiten their teeth or tried to erase the small granite before sharing their last holiday close-up? FaceTune is the photo retouching star app. Easy to handle and with results worthy of Photoshop, arrived not quite long on Google Play for 1.99 after achieving an overwhelming success on iOS, where it’s marketed $ 3.99. A sum of money that you will amortize depending on your assiduity to the selfie!

#4. Periscope

Travel the entire world through another person’s eyes, says the periscope slogan created to achieve the closest thing to teleportation, in the words of its creators. It’s application to retransmit videos in real time through Twitter. It allows you to make or watch streaming videos to anyone who connects and follows you or those who invite you to watch the broadcast. The result remains up to a maximum of 24 hours visible.

#5. Evernote

A classic and Indispensable: The post-it of the 21st century. With Evernote, you can write down your ideas in writing or use voice notes, so it will be as useful as taking notes in a conference as to make the shopping list.

Very useful to remember everything, whether, in the field of work or staff, it allows you to synchronize all the notes on different computers and devices and also has an alarm system to remind you of the pending tasks you have to perform.

#6. Runtastic

In the golden age of everything fit, we can not forget to have a good training app on our mobile phone. Runtastic is a recommended option because through its GPS technology you can record all your daily physical activities, whether walking, running or riding a bike.

The free version allows you to measure the duration of the exercise; some calories burned, the speed at which you exercise and your pace. If you opt for the payment, you can even enjoy a voice coach that motivates you during the activity.

#7. Waze

Waze is a traffic born application in Israel and bought in 2013 by Google. Waze uses the satellite signals that the mobiles emit to generate traffic maps in real time with the warnings sent by the drivers themselves.

An open collaboration app that learns from the routes traveled by its users to provide road information, report accidents, traffic congestion, we do not guarantee that with it you will be free from the eight jam in the morning, but at least you will be advised and prepared to opt for an alternative route.

#8. Photo Prado

Available free for both Apple and Android, Photo Prado allows you to create personalized postcards with one of the fifty most outstanding gallery artworks.To this end, three panels with augmented reality codes have been installed at transit points in the museum.

Once downloaded the app you just have to capture these codes that are automatically replaced by the selected box. The size is adjusted so that the composition is realistic, the companion is invited to be placed on the panel, and it is fired.

#9. Fleksy

Fleksy is one of the best virtual keyboards that exists today: Its keys and large letters, which make the most of the small screen space, promise to save us from the sometimes frustrating experience of writing on the phone and doing it fast and well. The key to its success is that it effectively corrects possible mistakes you may make while typing.

#10. SongKick Concerts


If you like to jump from concert to concert and be up to date on the music scene, this is your app. SongKick access the music you have in your library or connect with your Spotify and alerts you whenever one of your favorite groups or singers are going to play in your area.

So you can track the tours that interest you most by setting the location and artist parameters. Thanks to its room and festival geolocalized, you can create alerts and notify your friends of the new dates. As if this were not enough, you can also get tickets directly in the app itself.

I want to believe you enjoyed the article then let me know what you think of these mobile phone applications.